UPLIFT OUR QUEENS, is a site created by myself (a black man) to show my appreciation and love for BLACK WOMEN.  The stereotyping, sexism, and blatant disrespect that black women endure on a day-to-day basis from all races and unfortunately, sometimes each other, prompted me to do my small part to combat the negativity. Constantly hearing the black women in my life tell me about the disappointment and hurt they experience caused by the many challenges they face in their lives has taken a toll on me. One of the most disturbing concerns that I’ve heard from black women I’ve spoken to is the lack of support and the denigration from black men. In my past I have admittedly witnessed this  first hand and I have not always called out these men. No more! I could not continue to sit around, shake my head and keep my thoughts to myself. I have taken a vow to always defend black women and call out any black man or woman who does not. As a black man facing my own societal challenges, I can’t begin to imagine what it would feel like to walk in the shoes of our black women. Through imagery and words I hope to accomplish my goal…   PROMOTE BLACK UNITY, BLACK LOVE AND TO  UPLIFT OUR QUEENS.

*The blog post, pictures, and quotes on all of “UPLIFT OUR QUEENS” social media platforms are solely based on the opinion of myself.