Understanding The Myth Of The Angry Black Woman


The Angry Black Woman is a phrase used to refer to a bitter, sassy, ill-mannered, African American woman with a quick temper and sharp tongue. The Angry Black Woman has become a stereotypical character in many television and movie portrayals. Come on – will you ever forget the hilarious, Angela, from the Why Did I Get Married movies?

The Angry Black Woman is also a stereotypical insult. Many black women are tagged with this title when they unapologetically express their own views or stand, often publicly, on the courage of their convictions. The media frequently portrays women who speak out as the Angry Black Woman. Here are a few reasons you must dig deeper than media portrayal and try to understand her.

  1. Anger is a human emotion. Moreover, it’s a normal human emotion and everyone is entitled to feel it and express it. The Angry Black Woman appears to be ridiculed for this most basic of human emotions.
  2. Black men are often supported and sympathized with for their struggles to overcome racial stereotyping and profiling. In truth, black women are often faced with the same struggles, but where a black man standing up for himself, asserting his rights is championed, a black woman is ridiculed for the same assertions.
  3. While anger is an emotion all of us experience, it is not one all of us manifest in similar ways. A small child might stamp their feet in frustration. A mild-mannered person might simply allow it to fester and smolder quietly. So why is a black woman ridiculed for the way her anger manifests itself?
  4. Too often for black women, zealousness and outspokenness, and righteous indignation are mistaken for the Angry Black Woman Syndrome.

Black women do experience anger for a host of reasons as varied as the women, themselves. There remains of the Angry Black Woman, one universal truth. If you understand nothing else about angry black women, please take this one bit of truth away. If you want to see her live and in person, tag a woman of color with that stereotypical title.

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  3. The angry black woman stereotype is getting so old smh. As if we don’t have a right to be angry. Great post, liked and subscribed.
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